Paul Young's Current Research Group

Current Research Group Members

Alumni and Associated Researchers


University of Toronto Alumni
Name  Current Employment
Dr. Winnie Ying Hatch
Dr. Katsaga Itasca Consulting Group
Dr. Toivo Wanne Pros Consulting
Dr. Xueping Zhao Applied Seismology Consultants (ASC) Ltd
Dr. Ben Thompson Mine Design Engineering
University of Liverpool Alumni
Name  Current Employment
Dr Ahmed Al-Busaidi  Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)
Dr Juan Reyes-Montes  Applied Seismology Consultants (ASC) Ltd
Dr Mark Hildyard  Geophysical Consultant, England
Dr Takaki Iwata  National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster  Prevention, Japan
Dr Jim Hazzard  Rocscience Ltd
Keele University Alumni
Name Current Employment
Dr Calum Baker CRU Stategies, London
Dr Remy Bossu European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre
Dr Nigel Cassidy Keele University
Dr David Collins ESG, Canada
Dr Wojieck Debski Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Dr Stephen Falls ESG, Canada
Dr Francois Forney SOLEN, France
Dr Shawn Maxwell Pinnacle Technologies, Calgary
Dr David McKirdy University of Nottingham
Dr Ruth Murdie CTBTO, Austria
Dr Will Pettitt ASC Ltd, UK
Dr Julie Perrot University of Brest, France
Dr Ian Stimpson Keele University
Dr Catriona Vasey Teacher, England
Queen's University Alumni
Name Current Employment
Mr Jamie Alexander ESG Canada
Spiros Bettas ESG Canada
Dr Mike Bostock University of British Columbia, Canada
Mr Roger Bowes ESG Canada
Dr Steve Carlson Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California
Dr Tom Chow Medical Imaging Canada
Dr Larry Cochrane Inco Mining, Canada
Dr. Mariana Eneva Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), USA
Dr Stephen Falls ESG Canada
Lorraine Farrel ESG Canada
Dr Bruno Feignier CEA France
Dr Andrew Feustal NASA
Dr Gordon Holmes BP, Texas
Dr Dion Jansen Ontario Hydro
Dr Shawn Maxwell Pinnacle Technologies, Calgary
Mr Rick McCreary TD Securities, Canada
Dr John McGaughey Noranda Exploration, Canada
Dr Irene Meglis University of Alberta
Mr David Rawlence Shell, Canada
Dr Shahriar Talebi CANMET, Canada
Dr Cezar Trifu ESG Canada
Dr Ted Urbancic ESG Canada
Cherilyn Yalin Queen's University

Associated Researchers

Name Affiliation
Dr. Ben Thompson Mine Design Engineering
Dr. Alexandre Schubnel ENS/CNRS
Dr. Will Pettitt Itasca Consulting Group
Dr. Jim Hazzard Itasca Consulting Group
Dr. Mark Hildyard University of Leeds
Mr. Roger Bowes Engineering Seismology Group, Canada
Prof. Bibhu Mohanty Civil Engineering, UofT
Prof. Michael Collins Civil Engineering, UofT
Prof. Phil Meredith University College London, UK
Emer. Prof. Michael King Imperial College London, UK
Dr. Dave Lockner USGS, Menlo-Park, USA