William Ye

Academic History

  • Ph.D. student, Department of civil and mineral Engineering, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2015
Multidisciplinary nature of my Academic History

Over the four years of my study in Engineering Science at University of Toronto, I gained a wide range of interdisciplinary research experience from photonics to bridge design. I settled down in the field of structural engineering in my senior years in underground with a focus on concrete material, and later transitioned into rock mechanics and rock physics for my PhD research.

Research Overview

My Ph.D. Prospective

I am interested in the role fluids play in the production of low frequency seismic waves, or tremors. Utilizing a combination of numerical simulation and laboratory experience, I am hoping to address the following research questions:

How does fluid aid rupture of small asperities on the fault surface?

whether the slow slip would trigger earthquake inside the nucleation zone or in the nearby faults. As well, whether the nucleation zone supports both fast and slow slip, as well as an acceleration from slow slip to fast slip.

How fluid interacts with the gouge layer to facilitate slow stick slip in the nucleation zone.


  • Nasseri, M. H. B., Sehizadeh, M., Ye. S.H., Young, R. P., Flynn. J.W., Suikkanen, J., & Siren, T., (2016, April). Strength, Deformation and Seismic Response of Olkiluoto Migmatitic Gneiss under Laboratory True-Triaxial Stress. Proceedings ISRM Rock Stress Conference.
  • Mahdi Sehizadeh, Mohammad H. Nasseri, Sheng Ye, R. Paul Young (2016); Acoustic Emission, b-value and Foliation Plane Anisotropy, EGU Conference 2016 Vienna;
  • Mohammad H. Nasseri, Mahdi Sehizadeh, Sheng Ye, Grant Su, Son Nguyen, R.Paul Young (2016); Coupled hydromechanical properties of Cobourg limestone with special reference to excavation damage zones, EGU conference 2016 Vienna,
  • Shenghua Ye, M.H.B. Nasseri, Mahdi Sehizadeh, R. Paul Young (2016); Simulation of a true-triaxial deformation test on anisotropic gneiss using FLAC3D, EGU Conference 2016 Vienna;


University of Toronto;
Department of civil and mineral engineering;
Rock physics and Geomechanics research group
Room MB108, 170 college street;
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5S 3E3
Email: will.ye@mail.utoronto.ca