Workplace Health & Safety

This page is for the staff and students of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto. It provides information on various aspects of health and safety within the Department, and is updated as necessary. Additional health and safety information can be found at the University of Toronto Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Departmental Safety Policies

Main Departmental Policy

Departmental Health and Safety

Environmental Labs

Environmental Labs - General Rules and Regulations
Environmental Labs - Working After Hours
Environmental Labs - Designated Substances
Environmental Labs - WHIMIS Training

Geomechanics Labs

Geomechanics Labs - General Rules and Regulations

Structures Labs

Structures Labs - General Rules and Regulations

Health and Safety Questions and Concerns

Renzo Basset
(416) 978-5985
Office: GB31B

Emergency Phone Numbers

911 from a pay phone

8-2222 from a campus phone

9-911 from a campus phone