Undergraduate students of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering who achieve scholastic excellence are eligible for scholarships, prizes, bursaries, medals, and honours. They have been established through the University, its Alumni Associations, governments, commercial organizations, and other benefactors to encourage and honour outstanding achievement.
Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund (OSOTF) In-course scholarships
"Second Mile Engineer" Award
The Class of 3T5 has established the "Second Mile Engineer" award. The award was inspired by an address of President William E. Wickenden of the Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, called "The Second Mile," which was based on the text from the Sermon on the Mount: "Whosoever shall compel thee to go one mile, go with him twain." Convinced that a successful engineer must not only be professionally competent but also be constantly aware of his or her responsibilities to humanity, it is the desire of the donors to encourage undergraduates to participate fully in extracurricular activities and to recognize the true importance of the more liberal subjects of the curriculum with the ultimate objective on entering the profession of becoming worthy Second Mile Engineers. The award comprises a grant of $1,500, a suitably inscribed presentation piece, an illuminated scroll, and is presented to a student in the final year. An eligible group is chosen from those who have taken a prominent part in the affairs of the Faculty either as office holders or in athletics. In making the award, consideration is given to academic standing with special emphasis on the candidate's attainments in the cultural, humanistic, and social studies. Particulars are furnished each session by the Class of 1935.
General Terms and Conditions of Awards
Scholarships, prizes, bursaries and loans available to students in attendance in the Faculty are listed, and where it is necessary to apply for an award, details of how to apply are included. In all other cases, the award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty Council and no application is necessary.
Scholarships, prizes and medals granted in recognition of academic proficiency are awarded at the end of the Winter Session, and candidates are ranked on the basis of their achievement in the Winter Session and the Fall Session previously completed.
To be eligible for any scholarship or award granted solely on academic standing, a student must have completed not less than the normal full load (approximately 5.0 credits units) within the two sessions upon which the award is based. A student whose program in these two sessions contains repeated courses will only be eligible if the aggregate of new courses is equal to or greater than 5.0 credits.
Scholarships, medals and prizes based solely upon academic standing will be awarded only to students who have achieved honours in the work upon which the award is granted, unless otherwise specified in the terms of award. If the award is based on a single course or on part of the work of the session, the candidate must obtain unconditional pass standing in the work of the session, but not necessarily honours standing unless the terms of the award so specify.
A candidate will not be permitted to hold more than one award in a session unless the statute of each of the awards concerned or the calendar specifies otherwise.
Tuition and residence fees are a first charge against awards. After the deduction of the applicable charges, any balance remaining will be paid to the recipient in November. Payment will be made only if the candidate is in regular attendance in the
Faculty and if the calendar so specifies in the course in which the award is established or granted.
Medals, after they have been suitably engraved, will be given without delay to the winners or forwarded to them by registered mail.
Awards granted to members of graduating classes other than awards for graduate study and research will be paid in one installment, as soon as possible, after the granting of the awards. The Governing Council may on the recommendation of the
Faculty permit a candidate to whom an award has been granted to postpone attendance in the Faculty for one year. Further postponement may be permitted on application.
Note: The value of an endowed scholarship or prize is dependent on the actual income of the fund; it is possible that the value of certain scholarships and prizes at the time of payment may be greater or less than the amount stated in the calendar.
In those cases where the amount of the award is not payable from income earned on an endowed fund, payment will be dependent on the receipt of the amount of the annual award from the donor.
In the case of all OSOTF awards, eligible candidates must be Ontario residents and they must demonstrate financial need. For the purpose of OSOFT awards, an Ontario resident is either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada who has an Ontario mailing address at the time the award is made. Financial need is most easily demonstrated with receipt of OSAP for the current year. Other examples of financial need will be considered. For admission OSOTF Awards it is crucial that applicants for admission complete a UTAPS application in order to demonstrate financial need.

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