Elodie Passeport

Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Environmental Engineering and Stable Isotopes


Research Interests






Professor Elodie Passeport's research involves developing analytical tools based on stable isotope to study the behavior of organic chemicals in surface water environments such as rivers and lakes. Her research context spans from contaminated groundwater, wastewaters, industrial and agricultural effluents, to radiological pollution.

Results gained through this research is used by industrial partners to assess risk factors when contaminants enter a site, and to develop comprehensive remediation schemes that can more fully address environmental and health requirements.

Education and Affiliations

2006: MSc, Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Applied Sciences, Toulouse, France
2007: MSc, Continental Environment, AgroParisTech, Paris, France
2010: PhD, Water Sciences, AgroParisTech, Paris, France

Honours & awards

2015 – 2020: Canada Research Chair Tier II in Environmental Engineering and Stable Isotopes

2012: PHYTOPHARMA award, delivered by the French Group on Pesticides.

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Research Interests

My research focuses on the fate and removal of emerging contaminants from the environment in natural and engineered systems.


Course CodeTitle & DescriptionSessionDay(s)Start TimeEndSection
Environmental BiotechnologyFall 2023Scheduled by the Office of the Faculty Registrar.
New Topics In CivMin: Treatment WetlandWinter 2024TBDLEC 101

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