Acoustic Emission Sensors and Preamplifiers


The research performed by the group involves laboratory and in-situ experiments carried out with state of the art seismic acquisition equipment.  Data is analyzed and visualized with sophisticated processing software and numerical models are often generated for enhanced interpretation and understanding of the relevant physical processes.  Below are listed some of the resources of the research group.  Click on the links for more information.

Rock Deformation Equipment Table Mounted Testing Equipment High Precision, High Pressure Syringe Pumps Acoustic Emission Sensors and Preamplifiers High Speed Data Acquisition Systems Seismic Processing Software Numerical Modelling Software Computer Cluster Acoustic Emission Sensors and Preamplifiers


  • ErgoTech
  • Panametrics
  • Physical Acoustic Corporation (PAC)
  • Applied Seismology Consultants (ASC)
  • Cooknel

Acoustic Emission Sensors and Preamplifiers

Both geophysical imaging cells are equipped with 18 ErgoTech Acoustic Emission (AE) sensors. Two designs exist for installation in either the rubber confining jacket (Right) or steel loading platens (Left). From calibration experiments conducted in this lab and others, the ErgoTech sensor has been found to be sensitive to surface normal velocity with an approximately flat response between 100 kHz and 1 MHz.

The lab is also equipped with multiple commercial AE and ultrasonic sensors:

  • PAC R15
  • PAC R6
  • PAC R3
  • Panametrics V103
  • Panametrics V101
  • Panametrics V106
  • Valpey Fisher Pinducer

Raw AE signals are amplified at various gain levels and filtered using amplifiers positioned at short length from AE sensors.

  • ASC PAD amplifier
  • PAC 2/4/6 amplifier
  • Cooknel CA-6 charge amplifiers

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