Seismic Processing Software


The research performed by the group involves laboratory and in-situ experiments carried out with state of the art seismic acquisition equipment.  Data is analyzed and visualized with sophisticated processing software and numerical models are often generated for enhanced interpretation and understanding of the relevant physical processes.  Below are listed some of the resources of the research group.  Click on the links for more information.

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  • ASC InSite

Seismic Processing Software

 ASC Ltd (Applied Seismology Consultants) in England is a company founded by former students and staff of Professor Young. ASC have developed a flexible and feature-rich software package (InSite) for advanced processing and visualisation of seismic data (scale independent from km to mm), in the time and frequency domains. The software includes the following capabilities:

  • Takes input from many different acquisition systems
  • Enables calculation of locations, magnitudes and moment tensors
  • Calculation and display of location error ellipsoids
  • Cross correlation feature for accurate velocity surveys
  • Interactive 3D visualization of results

ESG Software

The Engineering Seismology Group in Kingston Canada is composed mostly of former pupils and staff of Professor Young's Research group at Queen's University.  As well as building seismic acquisition hardware, they have available a comprehensive suite of software for acquiring, analysing and displaying recorded seismicity.  The software includes a "real-time" source location system, meaning that events can be located as they are acquired.  Additionally, numerous source parameters (source radius, seismic moment, static stress drop, etc.) can also be calculated in real time.  To visualise the events, a seismic visualiser is included that allows the user to visualise event locations, magnitudes and source parameters on 3D mine plans.  The program can also create contour planes of event density or source parameters and the events or contours can be animated using the time lapse mode

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