Adding Non-Engineering Courses to Your Program

To add a University of Toronto course from outside of Engineering (such as statistics, or chemistry), you need to complete the following steps. These step are required, even if you are able to add the course on ROSI without special permission.

  1. Complete a School of Graduate Studies Course Add form.
  2. Make sure your supervisor knows, signs the course add form, and you add it to your departmental Proposed Program of Study form.
  3. Bring everything to GB105 for signed approval. We will email you when the form is ready.
  4. Bring the approved form to the department offering the course for final approval. Ask them if you need to pick up the form again, or if they are able to send it back to Civil Engineering when complete.


Did you know that you can take courses at any Ontario university and some universities in other provinces? Explore the School of Graduate Studies Exchange Agreement forms.  To enroll, follow these steps:

  1. Find a course that you would like to take at another university, and get permission from your supervisor. To be eligible, the course should NOT be available in our department.
  2. Complete the OVGS or CUGTA form, and drop at GB105.
  3. The School of Graduate Studies will contact you to let you know if your request was accepted by the home university.

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