Info for New Graduate Students

Congratulations on your admission offer to the Department of Civil Engineering! Competition for program placement is very high and your offer reflects your high-calibre academic history. The Department naturally hopes that you continue with your excellent record, enjoy your tenure as a graduate student here and thrive in your research project.

Orientation Slides

For MEng Students

For MASc & PhD Students

For ALL Students: Safety at UofT

Graduate Student Instructions for Course Enrolment on Acorn and Rosi

Additional Information for MASc and PhD Students

Along with your rights and privileges as a graduate student come some responsibilities.

  • You must maintain adequate academic standards and adequate progress
  • Failure of a course (or courses) is likely to result in termination of financial offer (applies to MASc and PhD)
  • You must maintain regular working hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.+, unless otherwise agreed with your supervisor) (applies to MASc and PhD)
  • Two weeks (+ statutory holidays) is the norm for vacation (unless otherwise agreed with your supervisor) (applies to MASc and PhD)
  • You are expected to sign an NSERC "Consent to provide limited personal information" Form, provided by your supervisor (applies to MASc and PhD)
  • Your total funding will not arrive in equal monthly installments and will come from a variety of sources: (applies to MASc and PhD)
    • U of T Fellowship (from the Department/University);
    • Scholarships - if applicable (from the relevant external or internal body);
    • Research Assistantship (from the Supervisor's research funds). This component of graduate funding comes from research grants or contracts for a specific purpose, hence the acceptance of RA funds for an M.A.Sc. program prohibits a transfer to the M.Eng. degree program without repayment of RA funds (unless the transfer is requested by the supervisor).
  • The award of most RA funds when research (rather than coursework) is at its height underlines that the RA payment is for specific research (applies to MASc and PhD)
  • UofT Open funds are paid out generally in the early part of the Fall Term. RA payments generally occur in the Winter and Summer Terms. (applies to MASc and PhD)
  • You are responsible for observing all Department regulations plus any additional responsibilities associated with RA funding from your research project, in particular regarding: (applies to MASc and PhD)
    • Plagiarism
    • Submission of Progress Reports and attendance at Progress Meetings (especially Ph.D.)
    • Course add and drop deadlines.

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