Application FAQ

How do I apply?

Please follow the detailed application instructions here.  Please note that you must follow all of these steps in order for your application to be reviewed.

What are the deadlines to apply?

Please see this site for application deadlines.  Please note that referees have until 15 days after these deadlines to submit their references.

Do I meet the minimum academic admission requirements?

MEng Mid-B average (75%) in each of the final two years of Bachelor's study
MASc A- average (80%) in each of the last two years of Bachelor's study
PhD A- average (80%) in each of the last two years of Bachelor's and Master's study
All Programs Must fulfill English Language Requirements. Must also meet the School of Graduate Studies minimum requirements.

For international degrees, please look up the equivalency of your degree at this site.

What is the difference between the MASc and MEng programs?

The MASc is a research degree. You complete 5 courses and a thesis, working directly with a supervisor, for a duration of 20-24 months. This is a funded program, and you may take Teaching Assistantship and Research Assistant jobs when offered. The MEng is a self-funded course work degree. You are required to complete 10 courses and the program takes between 12 and 24 months.

How long are the MEng and MASc programs?

Master of Engineering (MEng): This is a course work degree, which requires that you complete 10 one-semester courses. You can take from 1 to 5 courses per semester as a full time student, and between 1 and 3 courses semester as a part time student. The duration of the degree depends on how many courses you choose to do per semester. You have 2 years to complete it full-time, and 6 years to complete it part-time. The typical duration for the full time program is 12-16 months.
Master of Applied Science (MASc): 
Admission to the MASc comes with 24 months of funding/scholarships. Typical duration of the program is 20-24 months.

Do I need to contact and find a supervisor before I apply for MASc/PhD?

No, when you apply you indicate three areas of research interest, and the professors from these areas will review your application. You will be contacted if a professor is interested in supervising you. You are certainly welcome to contact professor after you have applied to introduce yourself, but it is not required.

How do I apply for funding/scholarships/TAships/RAships?

Applicants to MASc and PhD are automatically considered for a funding package, which includes TAships/RAships and scholarships. All applicants who are admitted to these programs receive a funding offer. Visit our Graduate Funding webpage for more information.

Do I need to do an English Facility test such as TOEFL if my bachelor degree was taught in English?

If you have not studied in a country where English is the first language for more than two years of full time study, you are required to present an English Facility test score. This is a departmental requirement and there are no exceptions to this rule.  View our Language Requirements web page for more information.

Can I apply directly to the PhD from my bachelor degree?

If you do not already have a master’s degree, we would require that you apply for our MASc program. Once you are admitted to this program, it is possible to switch to the PhD program with the support of your supervisor.

Do you require GRE scores?

No, we do not require GRE scores, but if you have them, there is a place to include your scores on the Civil on-line application.

Where do I enter my references?

Referee information is entered into the Civil Department on-line application, not the SGS application. Please see Step Three on our Application Procedures webpage for more information.

Where do I send my transcripts?

We no longer require hard copies of transcripts to be sent to our office at the time of application. Transcripts must be scanned and uploaded to the SGS online application. You will not be required to submit official paper copies of your transcripts until after the admissions committee makes its decision. If admitted, you will be required to submit an official transcript, and verification of your paper transcript will be a condition that must be met prior to registration. Official transcripts must be in sealed envelopes bearing the original institutional stamp or signature across the back flap.

My GPA does not meet the minimum requirements stated on your website, can I still apply?

Unfortunately we are not permitted to admit anyone who has below the minimum requirement as set out by our School of Graduate Studies. This is the minimum requirement for admission, but our actual admission average for the department is typically higher that this. Unfortunately, since we receive many applications which exceed the minimum, we do not recommend that you apply if you do not meet this requirement.

I don’t have a Civil Engineering undergraduate degree, can I still apply?

Typically we admit applicants who have engineering bachelor degrees. However, we consider applications on a case by case basis. We will look at your proposed area of study (structures, environmental, transportation, ect.) and your academic history, and the Admission Committee will determine whether you have an adequate background for the program.

Who should I ask to be my referees? May I use a professional reference?

It is preferable if you use professors who have taught or supervised you as your referees. If you are absolutely unable to get a professor, a professional reference, such as a manager or supervisor, can be used. Please be aware that the questions they are asked to answer on the reference form assume that they are a professor, as the point is for them to be able to attest to your academic abilities and suitability for graduate studies.

My professor does not have a university email address, can I use their yahoo or gmail address on the application?

If this is the case, you can have your referee submit the on-line reference with their personal email address. They will have to follow this up with a hard copy of the reference letter.  BOTH of these are required if they are not submitting from a verifiable university email address. If your references are not submitted on-line, the Admissions Committee and potential supervisors will not be able to view your application, and it will not be considered complete.