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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

There are many occasions in which students are required to use personal protective equipment (PPE) including:

  • safety footwear bearing the CSA Green Patch
  • hard hat
  • protective eyewear with side shields
  • tear-away safety vest
  • ear protection

Students are required to purchase their own PPE.

All field trips, laboratories, and other events require advance briefing on the nature of the potential hazards and students are required to attend these briefings and to follow the provided instructions.

Practical Experience Requirement (PER)

Students are required to have completed a total of 600 hours of acceptable practical experience before graduation (normally during their summer vacation periods).  Satisfactory completion of CME358H1 - Survey Camp, will contribute 100 hours toward this requirement.  Satisfactory completion of the Professional Experience Year (PEY) will also completely fulfill the Practical Experience Requirement.

After you have completed a portion or all of your Practical Experience Requirement, you are asked to submit a PER report form to the Student Services Team at GB105.

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