Courses & Curriculum

Courses & Curriculum

The BASc in Civil Engineering is a four-year degree program, though many students choose to participate in the Professional Experience Year co-op program, so that they complete the program after five years.

First Year Courses

Fall Session - Year 1

APS100 - Orientation to Engineering
APS111 - Engineering Strategies & Practice I
CHE112 - Physical Chemistry
CIV100 - Mechanics
MAT186 - Calculus I
MAT188 - Linear Algebra

Winter Session - Year 1

APS106 - Fundamentals of Computer Programming
APS112 - Engineering Strategies & Practice II
CIV 191 – Introduction to Civil Engineering
MAT187 - Calculus II
MIN120H1 - Insight into Mineral Engineering
MIN191H1: Introduction to Mineral Engineering
MSE101 - Introduction to Materials Science

Year 2

CIV201 - Introduction to Civil Engineering (3-day intensive field-based course)
APS301 - Technology in Society and the Biosphere I
CIV220 - Urban Engineering Ecology
CIV280 - Management of Construction
CIV282 - Engineering Communications I
CME210 - Solid Mechanics I
CME261 - Engineering Mathematics I
CME270 - Fluid Mechanics I
CIV209 - Civil Engineering Materials
CIV214 - Structural Analysis I
CIV235 - Civil Engineering Graphics
CIV250 - Hydraulics and Hydrology
CME263 - Probability Theory for Civil and Mineral Engineers
CME362 - Engineering Mathematics II

Year 3

CME385 - Survey CAMP (Civil and Mineral Practicals) (2-week intensive field-based course)
CIV312 - Steel and Timber Design
CIV331 - Transport I - Introduction to Urban Transportation Systems
CIV342 - Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes
CIV375 - Building Science
CIV382 - Civil Engineering Communication Portfolio
CME321 - Geotechnical Engineering I
CME368 - Engineering Economics and Decision Making
CIV313 - Reinforced Concrete I
CIV324 - Geotechnical Engineering II
CIV332 - Transport II - Performance
CIV340 - Municipal Engineering
CIV380 - Sustainable Energy Systems
CIV382 - Civil Engineering Communication Portfolio
Complementary Studies Elective (CS) / Humanities and Social Sciences Elective (HSS)

Year 4

CIV498 - Capstone Design Project
Complementary Studies Elective (CS) / Humanities and Social Sciences Elective (HSS) (2)
Technical Electives (4)
Free Electives (3)

Complete details and information on electives is available through the academic calendar.

Technical Electives

Technical Electives allow students to gain a thorough understanding of a very specific topic of interest in Civil Engineering.  Students may wish to take a wide variety of Technical Electives from multiple research areas, and thus become well-versed in many areas of the discipline, or they may use the Technical Electives to pursue a deep understanding in one area.

Full list of technical electives


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