A Promise to Future Generations

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Attention all undergraduate students, graduate students, staff and professors!

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What is "A Promise to Future Generations?"

The “Promise” is an active choice made by citizens of the world who believe they have a duty to protect the rights of future generations to enjoy this bountiful earth. It challenges signatories to carefully consider the consequences of decisions made in both their personal and professional lives for future generations. Those who choose to commit to this promise will do so alongside their peers in a Signing Ceremony.

Students, faculty, and industry representatives active in the Promise initiative will have the opportunity to attend exciting events that strive to put the Promise values into practice while also participating in discussions with their peers and previous signatories about current issues surrounding the protection of the rights of future generations.

Students graduating this year, graduate students, professors, and industry professionals will have to opportunity to participate in the 2015 Promise Signing Ceremony. The Signing Ceremony is where signatories formally commit to the values of the Promise with their peers in front of their friends and family. The inaugural signing ceremony was held on June 19, 2009 and had over 80 signatories. To date, the Promise group has held six signing ceremonies where over 400 graduating students, faculty, alumni, and industry representatives across many disciplines have participated. This year will mark the seventh annual signing ceremony! Though this initiative began in the Department of Civil Engineering, we feel this is an important commitment for decision-makers, engineers and professionals across all disciplines...

The 7th signing ceremony took place on June 15, the day of convocation, both in the convocation tent (students can drop by any time between 12 and 2 pm to sign) and in the Galbraith Building.

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