Mining Industry Management Program

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As the mining industry strives to achieve long-term sustainable growth and productivity, it is facing many technical challenges (including volatile market conditions, complex and lower grade ore deposits, managing greater amounts of waste, risks associated with deeper mining) as well as tighter environmental regulations and increasing social obligations. At the same time, the industry is confronting a skills shortage due to the retirement of a large portion of our experienced people.

To meet these challenges, the mining industry requires the development and use of intelligent and innovative technologies for more sustainable mining operations, which will need a highly-skilled, experienced, and adaptable workforce. This will require opportunities for ongoing professional development. However, many mining professionals are unable to pursue further studies, as time and distance do not allow them to physically attend class-based courses. They are busy in their careers and often working in remote locations.

We have teamed up with experienced industry professionals and academic partners within the mining industry to offer an online professional development program called Mining Industry Management Program (MIMP). The program will address five areas essential to persons in mining management, including:

  • Exploration, Studies, Mineral Resources & Mineral Reserves launch date TBD
  • Environment, Social, Governance & Indigenouslaunch date TBD
  • Economics & Financelaunch date TBD
  • Construction & Developmentlaunch date TBD
  • Operationslaunch date TBD

We have reached out to industry leaders from across the world, but specifically from Toronto as the mining capital of the world, to share their knowledge and insights into industry needs, their strategic views, and to participate as both guests and instructors, within their respective areas of expertise. Courses are designed considering real-world scenarios and opportunities to practice problem-solving and facilitate networking, in a fully online, asynchronous format to be flexible to fit your schedule.