Amer Shalaby


Professor Amer Shalaby focuses his research on crowds and congestion, both at the local and global levels, with particular emphasis on disruption management. This work intends to help transportation authorities to respond more effectively to unexpected impediments or crises within a network, and permit the rerouting of passengers without seriously affecting migration patterns. As this work continues to evolve it will have ramifications for predicting crowd behaviours on micro levels, such as subways and other public transit applications, where large crowd congestions occur.


BSc., 1988 Department of Civil Engineering, Ain Shams University, Egypt

MASc, 1991 Department of Civil Engineering, University of Toronto
Thesis Title: Effect of With-Flow Bus Lanes on Bus Performance
Supervisor: Professor Richard Soberman

PhD, 1996 Department of Civil Engineering, University of Toronto
Thesis Title: Investigating Mode Split for the Work Trip: Role of Relative Level of Service and Interaction with Mobility Dimensions
Supervisor: Professor Gerald Steuart

Research Interests

Public Transportation

Intelligent Transportation Systems with emphasis on advanced public transit systems

Transportation planning of large-scale events and mega cities

Simulation and modelling of transportation systems

Presentations & Projects

Making Makkah Move

Making Makkah Move Discover the possibilities of “Aerial Ropeway Transit: Exploring its Potential for Makkah,” a project funded by the Center of Research Excellence in Hajj and Umrah. You can download the full study report here (Makkah Project Report – Part 1, Makkah Project Report – Part 2).




Course CodeTitle & DescriptionSessionDay(s)Start TimeEndSection
Transportation: Urban Operations Research

Fall 2023Wed
LEC 0101
LEC 0101
TUT 0101
CME263HWinter 2021Scheduled by the Office of the Faculty Registrar.


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Amer Shalaby
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