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Welcome to the Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering.

Civil engineering and mining engineering were among the first professional engineering programs offered through the Ontario School of Practical Science during the early years of formation of the University of Toronto.

The present day Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering has continued to serve this esteemed institution as a core member of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, widely recognized as one of the top 10 engineering schools in the world.

Through our ongoing efforts to offer educational programs of the highest calibre, and to advance impactful research, we strive to make meaningful contributions towards purposeful and sustainable development.


Brent Sleep, PhD, PEng, FEIC
Professor and Chair

Room GB107 | 416 978-3005 |

Contact Teresa Miniaci, Executive Assistant to the Chair
Room GB 107 | 416 978-3096 |

Associate Chair - Graduate Programs (Acting)

Prof. Susan Andrews
Room GB 319D | 416-946-0908 |









Associate Chair - Graduate Programs (on leave)

Prof. Marianne Hatzopoulou
Room GB305F | 416 948-0864 |

Associate Chair - Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program

Prof. Evan Bentz
Room GB227 | 416 978-4608 |

Associate Chair - Lassonde Mineral Engineering Undergraduate Program

Prof. John Harrison
Room MB120A | 416 978-1634 |

Associate Chair - Research

Prof. Matthew Roorda
Office: SF 3001E | 416-978-5976  |

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