Oh-Sung Kwon

Kwon, Oh-Sung 2016

Oh-Sung Kwon


Associate Chair, Graduate Programs

Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering


Areas of Specialization: 

Structural Dynamics



Professor Oh-Sung Kwon is advancing hybrid simulation techniques that combine numerical models and experimental specimens using computer technology to determine how structures respond to various loads such as earthquake, wind, or fire. The programming of the computational/control platform used to conduct experiments, which allows engineers to manipulate code, was developed in-house. The research group has developed an integrated simulation framework that can seamlessly integrate numerical models in several analysis platforms and experimental specimens in geographically distributed laboratories.

Multiple tests conducted across several laboratories worldwide is helping to develop technology that more accurately and efficiently predicts structural behaviour during extreme loading scenarios. Through this integrated simulation framework, a regional scale simulation will be possible which will help evaluate the resilience of urban infrastructure.

Research Interests