About CivMin


Founded in 1873 as the Ontario School of Practical Science the initial institution was dedicated to the training of professional engineers in mining, civil engineering, mechanics and manufacturing. The Department has undergone several periods of growth and restructuring since those early years and currently offers a dynamic compendium of research and academic programs. Our mandate now spans a wide range of modern day applications in professional practice, encompassing the built environment and its infrastructure, transportation engineering and planning, structural engineering, environmental engineering, mining, and geomechanics.

The Department defines itself through the following statement:

The vision of the Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering at the University of Toronto is to uphold and strengthen its position as a preeminent leader in education and research in systems-based approaches to developing sustainable solutions for the global community across the spectrum from mineral engineering to urban infrastructure.

Our strengths are rooted within our long history of service to the University and the community, the quality of our teaching, the broad scope of our research, the dedication of our faculty and staff, the diversity of our student composition, and the support of our alumni. Our location within the downtown core of one of Canada’s largest urban centres provides our students with access to numerous opportunities for hands-on study, practice and mentorship, and garners our faculty with a wealth of possibilities for collaboration and research.