Office of Student Services

The Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering Office of Student Services provides students with the information and guidance they need to succeed in their academic careers.

Academic Counselling and Advising

Advisors can help students make the right academic decisions by explaining policies and regulations as well as presenting different options available to them in their studies.

Students can get answers to questions related to program selection, academic standing, petitions, grades and degree requirements. Students may be able to speak with an advisor on the spot, or they may need to book a future appointment.

Galbraith Building, Rm 116  ---  Hours: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

 NameJob Title & DutiesContact Details
Chan, CarliGraduate Programs Coordinator
  • Graduate student advising
  • Academic progress
  • Calendar scheduling of graduate courses
  • Graduate scholarships
  • Examination and degree committee
  • Graduate funding and awards
Office: GB 116
(416) 978-5904
Curtis-Clarke, ShayniUndergraduate Student Advisor
  • Undergrad student advising
  • academic progress
  • calendar
  • scheduling of undergrad courses
  • undergrad scholarships
  • academic planning committee
Office: GB 116
(416) 978-5905
Lima Borges, SandraDepartmental Assistant
  • Front-line reception
  • Assisting faculty members
  • Course materials
  • Support to the student services team
Office: GB 116
(416) 978-3099
Morley, AlisonAdmissions & Recruitment Coordinator
  • undergrad and graduate admissions
  • recruitment
  • admissions committee
Office: GB 116
(416) 946-8028
Pietropaolo, NellyDirector, Student Services and External Relations
  • Undergrad and graduate student services
  • alumni relations
  • industry relations
Office: GB 116
(416) 978-0235
Snel, PhillCommunications & Event PlanningOffice: GB 116
(416) 946-3837