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TORONTO: DECEMBER 8, 2023 — U OF T TRUCK DRIVING SIMULATOR — A photo of a truck driving simulator, installed by the Smart Freight Centre, in use on Friday, December 8, 2023 by Alia Galal. This new installation within the Human Factors and Applied Statistics Laboratory (HFASt) at U of T is a collaborative effort involving Prof. Birsen Donmez (MIE) and Prof. Matthew Roorda (CivMin). The first user, Alia Galal, is a CivE PhD candidate who is developing and testing driver training modules to reduce hazardous interactions between trucks, pedestrians and cyclists.
(Photo by Phill Snel, CivMin)

New truck driving simulator arrives on campus

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CivMin alumnus places second in Toronto Ward 20 byelection


Can Electric Vehicles Save the Planet?


CivMin professors among world’s top-cited scientists

Smart Freight Symposium -sq 20231110_090132 v2

Fifth Smart Freight Symposium held at U of T


PhD candidate Kareem Aboayanah awarded International Geomechanics Symposium 2023 Best Student Paper


PhD candidate Amir Javaid awarded CARMA 2023 Best Paper

CivMin's new 
(Photo by Phill Snel, CivMin)

Revealing mysteries within: CivMin’s new X-ray and CT device peers inside solid objects

Andria Liu GSA

Meet your 2023-24 CivMin GSA President: Andria Liu

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CivMin at the Engineering150 Open House

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Students bridge the gap in Bolivia

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA; SEPTEMBER 28, 2023  — CIVMIN NEW PROFESSOR— An image of CivMin’s newest professor, Mohammed Basheer, during his first visit to U of T on Thursday, September 28, 2023.  (Photo by Phill Snel / Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering, University of Toronto)

Meet Mohammed Basheer: CivMin’s newest professor