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Nancy Hill

Nancy Hill (CivE 8T1) elected as Vice-President of PEO

Paige Clarke competes at the Canadian Mining Games. (Photo: Keenan Dixon)

Professional Experience Year: Four U of T Engineering students bring technical, professional competencies to industry challenges


Daniel Posen: new CivE faculty explores the relationship between public policy and the environment

Professor Shoshanna Saxe (CivE) analyses the environmental and social impact of large public transit infrastructure projects, informing policymakers as they decide which investments to make. (Photo: Tyler Irving)

Infrastructure’s impact: How public transit investments affect our environment


U of T Lassonde Mining students shine at the 2017 Canadian Mining Games

Professor Fae Azhari (MIE, CivE) holds a sample of the self-sensing concrete she designed. Her work helps monitor the structural health of crucial infrastructure such as bridges, roads and hydroelectric dams. (Credit: Roberta Baker)

Concrete check-up: Fae Azhari develops diagnostics for critical infrastructure

Professor Marianne Touchie (CivE, MIE) is working with Toronto Community Housing and The Atmospheric Fund to better understand how changes to energy use affect indoor environmental quality in multi-unit residential buildings. Toronto Public Health is collaborating to use their data to inform policy. (Photo: Kevin Soobrian)

Heat, housing and health: Marianne Touchie and the complexity of multi-unit residential buildings

Photo: Jason Krygier-Baum.
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U of T research on Bloor bike lanes looks at near miss accidents | Metro News

Geochemist and professor Lesley Warren (right) collects water samples for geochemical analyses from a waste deposit undergoing reclamation

Could microbes hold the key to more environmentally friendly mines? | The Northern Miner


U of T to host the 2017 Canadian Mining Games

Professor Lesley Warren (standing, at right) and her colleagues are mining the genomes of microbes that thrive in wastewater generated by the resource extraction industry. Insights into how these organisms derive energy from metals and sulphur compounds could lead to new strategies for preventing pollution and optimizing mine reclamation. (Photo courtesy Lesley Warren)

Ancient microbes could offer insight on better mining wastewater strategies

Margaret & John Bahen

Remembering Margaret and John Bahen