Non-Degree Studies, Audits, and Visitors

Non-Degree Studies

Students wishing to take graduate courses but not enrol in a graduate program should apply as part-time non-degree special students. Courses taken as a non-degree student will appear on official U of T transcripts, and you will receive a grade for the course. Single courses as a special student cost about $3,000, but up to two courses may be credited toward a future degree program.

Applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements for graduate studies at UofT (a mid-B average or equivalent in a undergraduate degree from a recognized institution), including meeting the English language requirement. Admission is competitive and subject to availability of space in courses.

Deadlines for applying as a non-degree special student:

By October 1, for January start

By June 1, for September start

Contact to receive instructions on how to apply.

Auditing a Course

Individuals interested in “sitting in” on a course, learning the material but not completing assignments or receiving a grade in the course can apply to audit a course. The course instructor is not obligated to grade your work, but they may be open to providing informal feedback. On request, the department can provide you with a letter stating that you attended the class as an auditor.  The cost to audit a course is around $1,200.

Submit the following documents to

Ontario Visiting Graduate Students (OVGS)

The OVGS Program allows a graduate student registered at a University in Ontario (Home University) to take graduate courses at another Ontario University (Host University) without completing further admission formalities. The student pays fees to the Home University and is classified as a visiting student at the Host University, where he/she pays no fees. To apply as a visiting student please contact your home department.

Note: The Course Instructor for the Civil Engineering course you wish to attend cannot approve your application. You cannot attend the class until the application has been approved by the Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering Office of Student Services.