Research Themes

We live in a highly integrated, complex, global network of cities, services and infrastructure. The Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering is no different. Our multi-disciplinary research themes attempt to bridge the gap from traditional civil and mineral engineering fields to ideas that are more representative of the issues that face our societies.

Building Science
Concrete Materials
Construction Management
Indoor Air Quality
Civil Informatics

Drinking Water Treatment
Surface and Groundwater Remediation
Water Resources
Energy Resources
Sustainable Infrastructure

Environmental Assessments
Mining Engineering and Mine Design
Rock Mechanics
Soil Mechanics

Assessment and Rehabilitation
Concrete Structures
Steel Structures
Timber Structures
Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Sustainable Structures /New Construction Materials

Freight Transport
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Public Transportation Operations and Planning
Traffic-related Air Pollution/Urban Air Quality
Transportation Planning and Modelling