Mining + Geomechanics

Mining + Geomechanics

Still locked within the Earth’s crust are the keys to addressing some of society’s most pressing issues: sustainable growth in the face of diminishing nonrenewable natural resources, climate change, alternate energy sources, minimizing waste generation and mitigating waste impacts, stewardship and preservation of agricultural land, and even looking at exploration of other planets. Faculty members in the Mining + Geomechanics research group also collaborate with colleagues in physics, geology, and engineering through the multidisciplinary Lassonde Institute of Mining.

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Tar Sands

Related Faculty

Kamran Esmaeili

Associate Professor

Mine to Mill Process Optimization: Development of smart modeling solutions for the mining industry

Murray Grabinsky

Associate Professor

Mining and Geomechanics/Mining Engineering: Liquefaction of strong ground pond tailings mixed with binder (CPB)

Giovanni Grasselli


Hydraulic Fracturing/Rock Mechanics: Flow and transport in fractured porous media

John Hadjigeorgiou


Ground Support/Rock Mass Characterization: Behaviour of veined rock masses/surface mining

John Harrison


Mining Engineering and Rock Mechanics: Rock engineering

Mason Ghafghazi

Associate Professor

Numerical and Physical Modelling of Geotechnical Processes: Constitutive modelling of soils/behaviour of gravelly soils

Sebastian Goodfellow

Assistant Professor / Director, Lassonde Institute of Mining

(Experimental) Rock Mechanics and Rock Physics / Bioinformatics: Applied seismology/ultrasonic and acoustic emission testing

Lesley Warren

Director, Mining Futures

Environmental assessment and reclamation of water resources associated with mining practices; wastewater analysis and remediation