BASc in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering exists at the intersection of the human, built, and natural environments

Your studies here will prepare you to create solutions that will directly impact the quality of life everywhere: rebuilding deteriorating urban infrastructure; creating structures to withstand natural disasters; developing advanced technologies for complex transportation networks; supplying clean water and disposing of waste water; and building alternative energy systems. You will learn from global experts in some of the world’s most advanced and unique facilities, consistently ranked number one in Canada and among the top 10 in the world.


Program Length

4 years or 4+1

The BASc is a four-year degree program, though many students choose to participate in the paid Professional Experience Year co-op program allowing them to complete the program after five years.

Learn more about the Professional Experience Year Co-op Program (PEY Co-op)

Program Requirements

Fees & Tuition

Tuition and fees are listed at: 

Department-based Ancillary Fees: (subject to change)
  • CIV201 Intro to Civil Engineering Room and Board
  • CME358 Civil and Mineral Practicals Field Book
  • CME358 Civil and Mineral Practicals Room and Board
Admission Requirements
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Practical Experience Requirement (PER)

Civil Engineers have historically been the professionals leading the design, infrastructure and sustainability of the structures and systems that support our daily lives, from the deepest tunnels to the tallest buildings. Your courses in applied structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, geology and engineering ecology will prepare you to create solutions that will directly impact the quality of life, from designing disaster-resistant structures to building systems that supply clean water to remote communities.

Areas in Civil Engineering

Building Science

Building science is the study of building materials, components, details, and construction methods with respect to the maintenance of the required temperature and moisture conditions of the interior of buildings. Building science involves the understanding and application of fundamental concepts in physics, chemistry, and other branches of science to the problem of engineering effective, efficient, and economical building envelopes.

Construction Management
Environmental Engineering
Mining & Geomechanics
Structural Engineering
Transportation Engineering & Planning

Courses & Curriculum

Career Trajectories

City Planning

Energy Use and Supply

Environmental Management

Transportation and Infrastructure

Water Treatment and Sustainable Use

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Minors and

Choose to graduate with an extra set of credentials and explore an area of interest while earning your BASc.

Post-graduate academic opportunities:  Jeffrey Skoll BASc/MBA Program

Fast-tracked Master's degree programs;



Participation in the Professional Experience Year Co-op Program (PEY) allows you to gain valuable working experience. This is a voluntary 12 - 16 month internship program which you may select after your 2nd or 3rd year of studies.

Learn more: Professional Experience Year Co-Op Program


Summer Research Opportunities

Professors also hire hundreds of Engineering students through undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities, giving them a chance to work in their labs on ongoing research.




International Exchange Opportunities

The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering works in cooperation with the Centre for International Experience (CIE) to offer students an opportunity to study at more than 150 top-tier institutions in 40 countries.

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Career Outlook

Our graduates pursue careers in a variety of civil engineering jobs in industry and government. They also work in fields as diverse as banking, law and medicine. They travel the world, working to improve the lives of people in developing nations. Others ultimately decide to start their own businesses. Here are just some of the places that our alumni have found themselves working:

Student Experience

Whatever your interests and aspirations, you belong here at U of T Engineering

Ours is a community unlike any other. It is comprised of amazing students, professors with a passion for education, dedicated resources for Engineering students, and an enormous network of alumni. It all comes together — inside and outside of the classroom — to give you a rich and collaborative environment in which to thrive, whatever your passion may be.


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