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Professor Jeffrey Packer works with the interdisciplinary Centre for Resilience of Critical Infrastructure to perform large-scale tests under real-time loading conditions. The objective is to assess and develop cost effective designs that will mitigate the vibrations caused by seismic events and severe winds, thus enhancing the comfort and safety of occupants in tall buildings.

Other ongoing research includes investigations of welds in steel hollow structural connections, shock load tests on steel and glass, and blast testing using a simulator that is unique in Canada.

Education and Designations

B.E., 1st. Class Honours, Civil Engineering, University of Adelaide, Australia, 1972
M.Sc., Structural Engineering, University of Manchester, U.K., 1975
Ph.D., Structural Engineering, University of Nottingham, U.K., 1978
D.Sc., Structural Engineering, University of Nottingham, U.K., 2006
C.Eng., P.Eng., F.ICE, F.ASCE, F. CSCE, F.CAE

Research Interests

Experimental (small- to large-scale), numerical (non-linear finite element analysis) and analytical research related to the behaviour and design of steel structures

Research is oriented towards:

  • Tubular structures, connections and joints (welded, bolted, nailed and cast)
  • Loading conditions over quasi-static, fatigue, impact, blast and seismic
  • Varied materials, including cast iron, glass, fibre reinforced polymer composites and steel-concrete composites


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CIV100HFall 2017Scheduled by the Office of the Faculty Registrar.
Fall 2017Monday18:0021:00

Accomplishments & News


Postdoctoral and Research Fellows

Mr. Matthew Gow

PhD Students

Mr. Cam Ritchie
Lyon Sachs Graduate Scholarship
Thornton Tomasetti Foundation National Scholarship
G.J. Jackson Fellowship
NSERC Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Mr. Kyle Tousignant
NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship

MASc Students

Ms. Michelle Parratt
Lyon Sachs Graduate Scholarship
Queen Elizabeth II Ontario Graduate Scholarship in Science & Technology

Ms. YuJing Fan
NSERC CGS Postgraduate Scholarship




Continuing Education Courses

CIV 1175:  "Design of Tubular Steel Structures" is given annually for graduate students and industrial participants.  It is next offered in September 2017.


The Tube Group at the University of Toronto is renowned worldwide for the quality of its leading-edge research on Tubular Structures and the impact that this has had on international structural engineering practice. If you are interested in expanding the bounds of knowledge in this topic, by either graduate research or a Postdoctoral Fellowship, and are of high academic standing with relevant experience, please contact Professor J.A. Packer. Excellent laboratory and computing facilities are available for the pursuit of innovative experimental (Structural engineering section) and numerical studies. Structural tubing is a rapidly expanding construction medium, driven by both economics and aesthetics, the latter being evidenced by the popularity of Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) with architects.

The “International Symposium on Tubular Structures” (ISTS) is the prime international forum for presentation of research, developments and applications in the field of onshore tubular structures.  At ISTS9 in 2001 the international tube organization CIDECT initiated a “CIDECT President’s Student Award” for the top international work in the field submitted by a graduate student to an international competition, and to be awarded at each ISTS.  At ISTS9 (2001, Düsseldorf, Germany), ISTS10 (2003, Madrid, Spain), ISTS12 (2008, Shanghai, China), and ISTS13 (2010, Hong Kong, China), 1st. place went to outstanding research students from the Tube Group at the University of Toronto.

Recent research initiatives have been pursued in the field of impulsive loading, involving high strain-rate behaviour of materials, the performance of members and sub-assemblies under highly dynamic loading, and large-scale field blast testing of building components and systems.


From left to right (pictured at ISTS 10, Madrid, 2003):

Prof. Jeffrey Packer
Kurobane Lecturer, ISTS10, 2003
Houdremont Lecturer, ISTS11, 2006
University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Nick Kosteski
University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Maura Lecce
Winner of the CIDECT President's Student Award (ISTS10, 2003)
University of Sydney, Australia (2003)
University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Silke Willibald
Winner of the CIDECT President's Student Award (ISTS9, 2001)
University of Toronto, Canada
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany (2001)


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