Prof. Jennifer Drake & team’s NSERC CREATE grant success

In nature, one organism’s waste often becomes energy for another. Professor Emma Master (ChemE) wants to apply these same principles to industrial manufacturing. “We can leverage biological processes to recycle carbon and clean water, as well as to upgrade natural materials into diverse and useful products,” she says. “At the end of their life, we can also… Read more »

How 3D printing has sped up prosthetic development for people around the world

For Jerry Evans (CivE 7T8, MASc 8T0), every job is a custom job. “The shape of a person’s limb is as unique… Read more »

A global approach to sustainable cities engineering

Tokyo is currently the largest city in the world but by 2050 it may drop to seventh place, surpassed by fast-growing… Read more »

Going with the flow: Alumna Jenny Hill aims to improve stormwater management in Toronto and beyond

Before Jenny Hill took on her current job — working to prevent catastrophic city-wide flooding in the Greater Toronto Area — she… Read more »

Q & A with U of T Engineering’s newest professor: David Taylor

In January, the Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering welcomed Assistant Professor David Taylor, a professor in Civil and Global… Read more »

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