2017/11/15 – Department Newsletter

Department Newsletter | November 15, 2017

Message from the Chair

Does your current research, experiment, work, etc. have a dynamic visual component?  The Department is looking to produce videos and other interesting media featuring the impressive work going on in our labs and out in the field. We can help promote your work or fulfill the educational outreach requirements for certain grants, etc. Contact civ.communications@utoronto.ca to learn more about production and to schedule a time today.

Congratulations to our 2017 Lassonde Scholars recipients! We will be celebrating the honourees at a reception with invited guests on Wednesday, November 29th. All faculty are welcomed to join. Please speak to Rachel Wallace for more details.

– Professor Brent Sleep

Civ + Min In the News

Professor Eric Miller talks King Street Pilot Project on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning

Upcoming Events

Thursday, November 16, @ 9:30-12:00am
Foundation CMG Event
by Dan Allan and Brad Hayes – CSUR
Abstract: “Unconventional” oil and gas technologies are complex, and so are the associated economic, societal, and environmental issues. We must address these using expert knowledge, reasonable assumptions, and appropriate risk analysis.

Well-informed people in a modern society need to seek out expert knowledge, ask questions, think critically, and apply common sense in understanding complex issues. CSUR goal is to provide accurate scientific information around unconventional oil and gas development, so that everyone can reach reasonable, informed, and balanced opinions.
All attendees are requested to RSVP:
Where: University of Toronto, 35 St. George Street
Room SF3201, Toronto, ON M5S 1A4 View Map

Linear Optimization: The Interplay between Theory and Practice

Speaker: Ilan Adler, University of California in Berkeley
Location: MC 102
Date and time: Friday, November 17, 2-3 PM


In the seventy years since G. B. Dantzig first developed the Simplex method for linear programming problems, it has become arguably the most useful and influential algorithm ever developed. The Simplex method, together with numerous variants and related algorithms that have been developed since then, are designed to solve a broad array of linear optimization problems covering a wide range of important real-world applications. However, for almost as long, researchers have struggled to understand the Simplex method’s phenomenal practical success in light of the theoretical inefficiency of the method, and to develop algorithms that are both theoretically and practically efficient for solving linear programs as well as more challenging integer and convex optimization problems. We will trace the spectacular progress of these methods, as well as the underlying theoretical challenges and developments. This talk requires no technical background in optimization.


Scholarships & Call for Papers Announcements

·         2018 Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships at Harvard University. Fellowship for one year of graduate studies at Harvard. Deadline: November 24

  • ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition 2018. Undergraduate Research on Concrete Materials, Structural Design, or Construction. Deadline: November 30.
  • William H. McGannon Foundation Scholarship. Students with interest in risk/hazards and some industry experience. Deadline: November 30

·         GRADUATE STUDENTS: Win $250 with UTGSU Fall Conference Bursary Deadline: November 30 Please refer here for more details.

·         2018-2019 Canada Graduate Scholarships for Master’s Students.  Deadline: December 1 Click here for application details.

Please visit the Scholarships Page for more details.

Jobs & Other Opportunities

Call for Nominations

The University of Toronto Alumni Association (UTAA) is accepting nominations and applications for the 2018 Awards of Excellence (AWEX).

The Awards of Excellence celebrate exemplary members of the U of T community (faculty, staff, and students) who have made a significant impact through their efforts and engagement. For deadlines and details on how to make a nomination please follow this link.