Agent Based Microsimulation of Freight Transport and Firm Behaviour

The objectives of this research are to (a) Develop the conceptual and computational architecture for an agent-based microsimulation framework for goods movement and firm behaviour, and (b) Formulate and estimate a set of behavioural models for goods movement and firm behaviour.

The modelling framework being developed in this research attempts to replicate the behaviour of individual firms and carriers in response to economic and technological trends, model the shipments of goods throughout the city and the movement of trucks on urban roads. With this information, it will be possible to test policy scenarios (such as road restrictions, zoning bylaws, or investment in new infrastructure), in a “virtual” setting. The tool will help various government agencies, when making policy decisions, to be more informed about the resulting impacts on traffic congestion, road safety, air quality, noise and the economic impacts on affected firms.

Principal Investigator:  M. J. Roorda