Alumni well represented at CivMin Career Fair

CIVMIN CAREER FAIR 2020: A group photo of 28 U of T Engineering alumni taken at the conclusion of the CivMin Career Fair 2020 in the Myhal Centre’s Fifth Floor Atrium at the University of Toronto on Thursday, January 9, 2020. In all, 26 exhibitors were represented at the event with 28 alumni coming out to offer current students information about opportunities in the workforce. PHOTO: Phill Snel, Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering/ U of T







It’s a wrap on the 2020 Career Fair, but new relationships forged at the event will endure. Whether a first year student, or a graduate student, the event offered attendees the opportunity to meet, and network with, representatives from 26 participating exhibitors.

Within the exhibitors ranks were 28 University of Toronto Engineering alumni, giving plenty of common experiences to share and an impressive representation of the employability of U of T graduates. Add to the mix a report that U of T graduates are among the world’s most desirable employees.

A full list of exhibitors, along with descriptive company overviews and website links, is available on the CivMin website.