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Shear brilliance

U of T Completes Groundbreaking Experiment on Shear Resistance Supervised by Professors Evan Bentz and Michael Collins, master’s student Phil Quach (CivE 1T2, MASc 1T5) headed new groundbreaking experiment in […]

Particle Man

Prof. Jeff Siegel studies particle pollution in landmark indoor air quality study Prof. Jeffrey Siegel likens engineers to “people who practice medicine without licenses,” and his research on particle pollution highlights the […]

Eight Ways to Limit Your Exposure to Particle Pollution

It’s all about limiting the effects of combustion and creating ventilation! Avoid burning candles indoors. You may love the smell of your scented candles, but combustion creates particles that compromise your health. Always cook in well-ventilated areas. […]

CivE alumni honoured by industry organizations

Norbert Morgenstern (CivE 5T6) Canadian Academy of Engineering Honorary Fellow Morgenstern has led a distinguished career in Geotechnical engineering. A distinguished professor emeritus at the University of Alberta, he is a member of […]

Technology enhanced active learning room

The classrooms of the 21st century Even with a charismatic and engaging instructor, students’ attention and attendance in lectures can wane as the term progresses. In the social media age, learning environments […]
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