CivMin PhD student and professor win Giovanni Barla Best Paper Award

Greig Knox, a PhD Candidate in the Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering, and Professor John Hadjigeorgiou, Pierre Lassonde Chair in Mining Engineering were awarded the prestigious Giovanni Barla Best Paper Award for their paper published in Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering.

Knox, G., Hadjigeorgiou, J. Performance of Conventional and Energy-Absorbing Self-Drilling Hollow Core Rockbolts Under Controlled Laboratory Conditions. Rock Mech Rock Eng 56, 4363–4378 (2023).

The paper addressed a significant knowledge gap in the performance of  rock reinforcement under complex loading conditions. The authors presented the results of a comprehensive laboratory investigation conducted on both conventional and yielding self-drilling hollow core rockbolts subjected to shear and tensile loading. The interpretation of the generated quality quantitative data on the performance parameters of self-drilling anchors can be used for the design of ground support in challenging ground conditions  associated with deep and high stress mines.