CivMin undergraduate students receive awards for summer research

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) recognized 15 CivMin students with Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA). USRAs are intended to nurture research interests and fully develop students’ potential for a research career. Recipients are selected based on a combination of academic excellence, research potential and the expected quality of training and mentorship to be received.

The following CivMin students were recognized with USRAs: 

  • Sophie Costantino (Year 2 CivE)
  • Rain Ferrer (Year 3 MinE)
  • Freddy Fisher (Year 2 CivE)
  • Tyler Hu (Year 3 CivE)
  • Sepehr J. Javidan (Year 4 CivE) 
  • Askar Khasanov (Year 2 CivE)
  • Tianyu Liang (Year 2 CivE)
  • Sheen Patel (Year 2 CivE)
  • Nikola Ristic (Year 2 CivE)
  • Abdul Syed (Year 3 CivE)
  • Rohan Wongkee (Year 2 CivE)
  • Laura Xu (Year 3 CivE)
  • Catherine Ye (Year 3 CivE)
  • Yanbo Zang (Year 2 CivE)
  • Haobo Zhoa (Year 3 CivE)
  • Jingyun Zhong (Year 2 CivE)

The University of Toronto Excellence Award (UTEA) was awarded to three CivMin undergraduate students. The UTEA’s purpose is to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to gain direct research experience, learn investigative methodology and foster an interest in research. Students propose a research project and are selected based on research project quality, academic excellence, clear learning outcomes and level of supervisor engagement.

The following CivMin students were recognized with UTEAs: 

  • Noureen Abdelhim (Year 2 CivE)
  • Fabian Karanja (Year 2 CivE) 
  • Maria Vetrici (Year 1 CivE)

The Dean’s Undergraduate Student Summer Research Pivot Fellowship was awarded to Lisa Guseva (Year 3 CivE). This fellowship recognizes academic merit and is intended to support research projects where students are co-supervised by two faculty members.

The J. Edgar McAllister Undergraduate Summer Fellowship was awarded to Matthew Ye (Year 3 MinE).