GRD Guidelines

*NOTE: Graduate Research Days (GRD) 2022 will be virtual only via Zoom


GRD - Travel Guidelines

The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering will cover the cost of transportation between your local airport / train / bus station and the designated hotel for all invitees to the Graduate Research Days (GRD) event.

Expenses eligible for coverage

  • Ground (bus, train or car mileage) or air transportation to Toronto—residents of Ontario are encouraged to take public ground transportation, where possible
  • Public transportation from Toronto bus station, train station or airport to the hotel and return

Expenses NOT eligible for coverage

  • Costs associated with travelling to and from your local airport, train or bus station
  • Transportation other than those described above

Reimbursement Documentation

You must retain and submit all ORIGINAL booking receipts, confirmations and boarding passes for reimbursements to be processed after the event.

Arranging Transportation

Travel by air—please contact and confirm your arrangements with U of T’s designated travel agency, Avenue Travel, via Lea Ramnarace at and submit your confirmation to Alison Morley.

Travel by train or bus—arrange and purchase your own travel and submit your confirmations to Alison Morley.

Travel by personal vehicle—you will be reimbursed the standard U of T rate for mileage. Car rentals are strongly discouraged.


All GRD invitees will be housed at the Chelsea Hotel Toronto, located at 33 Gerrard Street West. All participants will be accommodated with their own private rooms.

Transportation in Toronto

Public transportation to and from the hotel to Toronto airports, train or bus stations are eligible for reimbursement.

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