Hamed Ibrahim


Hamed Ibrahim

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering


Email: hamed.ibrahim@utoronto.ca
Office: GB319F
Tel: 416-978-8942


Areas of Specialization: 

Water, Hydrology


My main research interests are in hydrological modeling and improving our understanding of the physical relations between the lower atmosphere and the earth’s surface. These relations couple the atmosphere with the land-surface and sea-surface divisions of Earth’s hydrological cycle. Mechanical description of the temporal and geographical fluctuations of water and heat in this cycle underlie many infrastructure systems, e.g., water and electricity supply, irrigation, fisheries, transportation etc.  In recent work I examined the stability of the regimes of ocean-atmosphere dynamical exchange in arid regions, with application to seawater desalination.

Research Interests


Professor Hamed Ibrahim's publications are available on Google Scholar