Paul Gauvreau


A former NSERC Chair in Design Engineering, Professor Paul Gauvreau specializes in bridge design. He is working on developing new bridge systems that make efficient use of new materials such as high-strength concrete, emerging reinforcement materials, and innovative wood products. His work also examines sustainable bridge design, bridge aesthetics and the development of simple, rational models for visualizing the flow of forces in reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures. His research findings help to validate new bridge designs and building materials that use fewer, more highly developed technological substances, thus minimizing environmental and economic tolls.

Education and Designations

B.Sc. (Vic., B.C.)
M.S.E. (Prin.)
Dr. sc. techn. (ETH Zurich)

Research Interests

Bridge design

Bridge rehabilitation

Behaviour and design of prestressed concrete structures

Applications of high-performance materials in bridge design

Bridge aesthetics

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Paul Gauvreau
Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering
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