Research projects continually evolve. This is a list of typical projects from the recent past.

Removal of Emerging Compounds

  • Investigation of the effectiveness of UV+hydrogen peroxide advanced oxidation for the removal of taste and odour compounds.
  • The use of granular activated carbon for the control of emerging contaminants.

Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA)

  • Development of a QMRA-based model that will allow utilities to predict site-specific microbial removal targets for their plant, and assess the ability of their own treatment train to provide adequate control of pathogens

Photolysis-Based Advanced Oxidation DWRG

  • Novel advanced oxidation methods using UV+titanium dioxide, and UV+chlorine

Granular Activated Carbon

  • Characterization of granular activated carbon (GAC) for taste and odour control and the removal of emerging contaminants.
  • GAC as a barrier to cyanotoxins.

Ferrate Treatment

  • Exploration of the benefits and drawbacks of using ferrate for zebra mussel control, coagulation and pre-oxidation.

Computer Applications for Improved Water Treatment

  • Investigation into the capacity of neural networks to optimize different treatment processes.

Distribution Systems

  • Impact of changes in distribution system water quality on disinfection efficacy.

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