Construction Management

Construction accounts for a significant fraction of the Canadian GNP. However, very little industry-driven research is being undertaken relative to other industries. The opportunities for learning and growing in this industry are enormous. Students undertaking courses or research in the field of construction management investigate, research, model and develop methods for improving engineering and management processes in the construction industry. Topics include – but are not limited to infrastructure management, performance diagnostics, intelligent systems and computer applications. In addition, the investigation of attitudes toward site safety and pre-qualification of contractors is considered.

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Tamer El-DirabyEl-Diraby, TamerProfessor
  • Building Engineering
  • Construction Management
Office: GB 329
(416) 978-8653


Selected Theses and Projects

  • Azad, Roya, M.A.Sc. (2000): “A belief network for prediction of extra cash withdrawals for Y2K”
  • Ehramikar, Soheila (2000): “The Enhancement of Credit Card Fraud Detection Systems Using Machine Learning Methodology”
  • Eyers, Kevin, M.A.Sc. (2001): “Belief network analysis of direct cost risk in building construction”
  • Gong, Xiaodong, M.Eng. (1999): “Contractor prequalification process”
  • Khan, Muhammad Fayaz, M.Eng. (1999): “Development of cost estimation model for light industrial buildings”
  • McIntosh, Karl, MASc (2002): “The risks and benefits associated with international construction / consulting joint ventures formed in the English-speaking Caribbean”
  • Nasir, Daud, M. A. SC.  (2000): “Probabilistic Analysis of Schedule Risks for Building Construction”
  • Njardardottir, Hrodny, M.Eng. (1999): “Concrete bridge deck deterioration diagnostic tool using belief networks”
  • Pershad, Rinku (2000):  “A Bayesian Belief Network for Corporate Credit Risk Assessment”
  • Pilateris, Peter, M.A.Sc. (2000) : “The evaluation of contractors based on financial data using data envelopment analysis”
  • Raimondi, Giovanni, M.Eng. (1999): “Concrete pavement diagnosis and report and the utilization of a belief network diagnostic program”
  • Ramani, Joseph, MASc. (2000): “Reducing the bias in contractor prequalification using data envelopment analysis”
  • Serrano Jurado, Claudia, M.Eng. (1999): “Remote site construction in cold climates: conventional vs. modular methods”
  • Tian, Qin, MASc. (2002): “CMSS: an interactive construction management simulation system”
  • Tran, Viet H Q, MASc. (2002): “Practical Frontier in Construction Prequalification”
  • Karahalios, Jim, MASc. (2005): “An Investigation of Attitudes Towards Safety in the Ontario Construction Industry”

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