CivE MASc candidate Sandy Chen receives American Concrete Institute (ACI) Foundation Scholarship

Sandy Chen (provided photo)

Sandy Chen (CivE MASc candidate) was awarded an American Concrete Institute (ACI) Foundation Scholarship along with a US$5,000 educational stipend. American Concrete Institute Foundation supports students’ education, research, and innovation throughout the concrete industry to contribute to keeping the industry at the forefront of technological advances in material composition, design, and construction.

I am very honoured to receive the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Foundation Scholarship. Since pursuing civil engineering in undergrad, ACI has always been a notable organization in my field of study. Therefore, receiving this scholarship motivates me to continue my research.
Sandy is working under the supervision of Professor Emeritus R. Douglas Hooton, pursuing research on the performance of concretes made with sustainable cements, especially as the construction industry heads towards sustainability.
I want to express my gratitude to [Cornell] Professor Ken Hover for introducing me to concrete half a decade ago and [CivMin] Professor Douglas Hooton for his continuous support as my Master’s supervisor.