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Natural Purification

The aquarium on the fourth floor of the Galbraith Building is a pleasant reminder to Prof. Susan Andrews of her many trips to the Caribbean through the years, but it also makes her lament the […]

Water Reuse

Would you wake up one morning and drink a glass of water that your neighbour down the street used a few days ago to take a shower?  That’s the reality […]

Monitoring MIcroplastics

Every year millions of tonnes of plastic make their way into our waterways. Over time, larger plastics break down into tiny pieces that can infiltrate lakes and rivers which serve […]

World Water Day 2021: Focus on CivMin’s water research

Monday, March 22 is World Water Day - this year’s theme is Valuing Water.  To celebrate, we’re highlighting the incredible research our CivMin faculty and students are leading to preserve and value water.  ~ Prof. […]
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