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World Water Day 2022

CivMin Researchers on cleaning and protecting our most valuable resource Most Canadians have unlimited access to clean drinking water, but that’s a privileged existence unknown to billions of other people […]

Intermittent Water Supply

In a city like Toronto, the water never stops running. There’s always pressure conveniently pushing clean water into our homes for on-demand consumption.  But that’s not how the whole world […]

Groundwater Remediation

This year’s theme for World Water Day 2022 is ‘Groundwater: ‘Making the Invisible Visible’ and groundwater just so happens to be the research specialty of Department Chair Prof. Brent Sleep. […]

Monitoring MIcroplastics

Every year millions of tonnes of plastic make their way into our waterways. Over time, larger plastics break down into tiny pieces that can infiltrate lakes and rivers which serve […]

World Water Day 2021: Focus on CivMin’s water research

Monday, March 22 is World Water Day - this year’s theme is Valuing Water.  To celebrate, we’re highlighting the incredible research our CivMin faculty and students are leading to preserve and value water.  ~ Prof. […]
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