Winners of the 2024 Mobility Network 5MT Competition

(L to R): Alex Ariza (EngSci 0T9, CivE MASc 1T1) with student award winners Mwendwa Kiko (PhD student – first place), Farah Ghizzawi (PhD student – second place), Weaam Jaafar (PhD student – third place) and Professor Eric Miller (Director, Mobility Network). (Photo by Phill Snel, CivMin/University of Toronto)


The Mobility Network announced the winners of their 2024 Five-Minute Thesis Competition (5MT) at a ceremony Tuesday, June 11.

Presentations were ranked based on their creativity, clarity of research topic and methods, and ability to present complex ideas under five minutes. Two CivMin professors judged the videos, awarding points out of a total possible of 14.

Winners include:

  • Mwendwa Kiko (PhD student – first place award): ‘Travel Demand Modelling & Socio-Economic Evaluation of Infrastructure Projects’
    His specialization is travel demand modelling, and socio-economic evaluation of infrastructure projects. Kiko is supervised by Prof. Eric Miller.
  • Farah Ghizzawi (PhD student – second place): ‘Developing a Parking Choice Model using the Fusion of Limited Data’
    Her research focuses on modelling the parking choice of urban freight vehicles. Ghizzawi is supervised by Prof. Matthew Roorda.
  • Weaam Jaafar (PhD student – third place): ‘Capturing the Impacts of Construction Activities Using a Network of Low-Cost Sensors Placed on Residential Balconies’
    His research aims at working with a community as citizen scientists to assess the contribution of construction sites to the air quality of the community. Jaafar is supervised by Prof. Marianne Hatzopoulou.

The Mobility Network Five-Minute Thesis Competition (5MT) is made possible thanks to the financial support of Alex Ariza (EngSci 0T9, CivE MASc 1T1).

The winning videos will be posted online by the Mobility Network in the near future.