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Eric Miller’s research is in the field of transportation planning, systems analysis and modelling. The motivation of this research is to develop improved understanding of the behaviour of complex urban systems in support of evidence-based policy analysis and decision support to improve the sustainability of global metropolitan areas. The primary research focus is on the application of agent-based microsimulation (ABM) methods to modelling travel demand and other urban spatial socio-economic processes, such as housing, labour and land markets. He is the developer of GTAModel, an activity-based ABM travel demand model system which is operationally used by many municipalities within the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area (GTHA), and ILUTE, an integrated transportation-land use ABM model system, also for the GTHA. He is the 2012 winner of the UBC Margolese National Design for Living Award and recipient of the International Association for Travel Behaviour Research 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Professor Miller is Director of the University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute (UTTRI), Research Director of the Travel Modelling Group (TMG), a research consortium that seeks to provide a forum and mechanism for inter-agency collaboration to improve travel modelling practice in the GTHA, and Research Director of the Data Management Group (DMG), which collects and manages all travel demand-related data in the GTHA for use by government agencies, private sector partners  and university researchers in support of a wide variety of travel behaviour analyses and modelling activities.

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Research Interests

Agent-based microsimulation modelling methods

Activity/travel demand modelling

Analysis and modelling of transportation – land use interactions

Sustainable transportation planning and analysis

Transit ridership analysis and modelling

Travel survey methods

Cites as complex systems


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Eric Miller
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