Tamer El-Diraby


My research work focuses on knowledge engineering in construction management with a focus on integrated civil infrastructure systems. Within this scope, my research agenda covers knowledge engineering in three major domains: construction engineering/constructability analysis, information systems, and sustainable construction. The agenda also covers two related (minor) domains: smart systems and construction business practice. Within these domains, my research spans three main thrusts of knowledge engineering: knowledge acquisition (understanding and documenting industry best practices and problems), knowledge modeling (developing formal reusable models of construction systems), and knowledge management (systems to infuse knowledge into decision making).

Education and Designations

BSc., MSc. (Zagazig, Egypt)
Ph.D. (Texas)

Research Interests

Construction project management

Knowledge management systems (ontology, semantic systems, process management)

Infrastructure management systems (asset management, sustainable construction)

Context sensitive design (value analysis, constructability analysis)

Presentations & Projects


Course CodeTitle & DescriptionSessionDay(s)Start TimeEndSection
CIV100HFall 2018Scheduled by the Office of the Faculty Registrar.
CIV420HFall 2018Scheduled by the Office of the Faculty Registrar.
CIV1299H LEC0909
Fall 2018Tuesday15:0017:00909

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