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2017/09/18 – Department Newsletter

Department Newsletter | MIN Event Today & Career Opportunities Event Message from the Chair Welcome back to SkuleTM everyone! Whether you are new or returning we are happy to have […]

The S-WORD: Defining Sustainability

#Sustainability? Today, people argue, the power of the word ‘sustainability’ has been diluted due to overuse. What began as a noble ideal has been reduced to a mere buzzword. We […]

CIV 150 | Legacy Lecture – Canada 150 Edition

The First 150 Years of Civil Engineering in Canada As Canada celebrates 150 years, we reprint an abridged lecture given by Robert F. Legget in 1977 —in honour of the […]

Grad Orientation

The orientation for new graduate students will be held on Wednesday, January 9th from 1:30pm-2:30pm in Galbraith Building, room 117. Refreshments will be available. Please complete this RSVP form. [Form id=”48″]

2017/07/24 – Department Newsletter

|ENTREPRENEURIAL ADVICE & DEPARTMENT SURVEYS | JULY 24, 2017 Message from the Chair We are in the early stages of our Department Self-Study – an exercise we take part in […]
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