CivMin PhD candidate, Negin Houshmand, wins a first place at UTERC 2023

Negin Houshmand presents at UTERC 2023. (Photo provided)

Negin Houshmand, a PhD candidate under the supervision of Professors Kamran Esmaeili and Sebastian Goodfellow, has won a first place award for their presentation at the University of Toronto Research Conference (UTERC) 2023.

Negin Houshmand

Houshmand presented her research to date in the talk, Rock Type Classification Using Machine and Deep Learning Approaches, resulting in a first place for Oral Presentation Award in Analytics & AI. This is a novel approach to predicting rock types which include both rock image and rock characteristics. Her presentation stood out among eight other speakers in the category to claim the top spot at the Wednesday, August 2 event.

“With the advance of technology, digital core logging is becoming increasingly common in mineral exploration and deposit appraisal activities.” offers Prof. Esmaeili. “Using multi-sensor core logging data, Negin is developing cutting-edge AI solutions for more precise geological and geotechnical rock classification. This can consequently reduce uncertainty and risk in mine planning and design and the ultimate cost of a mining project.”

In their LinkedIn post Houshmand remarks, “I had the opportunity to present a part of my PhD work at the University of Toronto Engineering Research Conference 2023, and I was honored [sic] to win the 1st place for the Oral Presentation Award in Analytics & AI. Thank you University of Toronto for providing this amazing opportunity to learn from other students and share our ideas.”

By Phill Snel

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