CivMin winners of COVID-19 Student Engagement Awards

Several CivMin students have received a U of T COVID-19 Student Engagement Award.

  • Lisa MacTavish, Pedro Torres-Basanta and Daniel Tse, a team from CivE MEng CEM, proposed a life cycle assessment (LCA) that investigates the environmental impacts of hand hygiene practices.
  • Saeed Shakib (CivE PhD candidate) working with project partner Ramtin Mojtahedi (BME PhD candidate), proposed a project that aims to to reduce risk of infection by providing a smart home-based reminder system for protective actions, such as wearing masks and washing hands.
  • Lilian Kabelle (CivE MEng candidate) with Marie Merci Ishimwe (MI candidate) and Ngone Lo (ECE MASc candidate), proposed an Engineering Think Tank. The idea is to unite engineers of various disciplines, who “have a heart” for East Africa, to counter the impact and challenges of COVID-19, and underdevelopment issues complicating the fight. Each group will identify and develop viable engineering solutions for the various problems.
  • Emma Sas, a CivE undergrad, working with Priyanjli Sharma and Michelle Nurse from Life Sciences and Avani Bhardwaj from Physics, put forth a project called COVID-19 Crisis Management: A 360 Perspective. They will be looking at various countries and regions and analyzing components such as the government response to the virus, the economic impact, the public health, and the response from the public.