EMABM 2019 – May 20-23, Toronto – Photo contest

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1st place: a tie (10 votes each)
Satyanarayana Narneni's Cracks in Spratt aggregate filled with ASR product (left), and Alex Brand & Paul Stutzman's C2S raindrop (right)

2nd place: a three-way tie (7 votes each)
Solène Barbotin's Very first ASR product cracking a SiO2 mineral phase (top), Jiazheng Hu's Fluorescent concrete fractures (middle), and Vincent Thiéry's untitled submission (bottom) depicting curious hydration products formed on a fractured sample of portland cement clinker, in spite of being stored in a desiccator for six years.

3rd place: (5 votes)
Mengesha Beyene's Chalcedony spherulite


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