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17th EMABM Program, with links to extended abstracts and abstracts

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Sessions and schedule
Monday May 20
Tuesday May 21 Jackman Law Building, Rosalie Silberman Abella Moot Court Room, J250
Wednesday May 22 Jackman Law Building, Rosalie Silberman Abella Moot Court Room, J250
SessionThursday May 23 Myhal Centre, MY360

8:00 AM
Victoria Day/Journée nationale des patriotesNew methods and applic-ations
Introduction and recognition of sponsors: C. Rogers, K. Peterson, D. Panesar, D. HootonAlkali-silica reaction
Characterization of initial ASR products by SEM, FIB and STEM-EDX: S. Barbotin, E. Boehm-Courjault, A. Leeman, K. ScrivenerHistoric structures and restorationThe living legacy of George Bartholomew's Buckeye Bellefontaine béton: L.L. Sutter
8:20 AM
Invited speaker, Alex Brand:Evaluation of basaltic aggregates from Iceland and the Archipelagos of Hawaii and Azores regarding alkali-silica reaction: a comparative study: S. Medeiros, I. Fernandes, B. Fournier, J.C. NunesMicroscopic investigation of salt induced damage at repair mortar-masonry interfaces: A.M.A. Sanchez, T. Wangler, R.J. Flatt, F. Martirena
8:40 AM
Quantifying in situ dissolution kinetics of cementitious minerals by digital holographic microscopyLong-term effectiveness of sealers in counteracting alkali-silica reaction in highway median barriers exposed to wetting and drying, freezing and thawing, and de-icing salt: M. Champagne, M. Roy-Tremblay, B. Fournier, J. DuchesneThe Prince Edward Viaduct, 100 years of service: O. Chernoloz, K. Peterson
9:00 AM
Plasma Focused Ion Beam Microscopy: A novel tool to characterize 3D structure and porosity of OPC mortar: P. Dong, A. Allahverdi , H. Yuan, Bassim N.D.Carbonation of synthetic alkali-silica reaction gel: S.R. Narneni, D.K. PanesarMicrostructural investigations on an abandoned 1935 concrete bridge: V. Thiéry
9:20 AM
Fracture analysis of phosphate and silicate glasses by microscopy and nanoindentation: comparison of different glasses utilized for building engineering: C.J. de Lima, F. Veer, O. Çopuroğlu, H. Zhang, R. NijsseUse of the Damage Rating Index (DRI) to Evaluate Level of Deterioration due to Alkali-Silica Reaction in 30-35 Year Old Concrete from the Sudbury Area: C.A. MacDonald, M. Piersanti, M. Shehata, J. MagnanAnnouncement of 18th EMABM: V. Thiéry
9:40 AM

W. Harris, A. Stratulat, W. Fadgen: Non-destructive 3D imaging of building materials using X-ray microscopyUsing image analysis to compare microscopical methods for measuring damage from alkali-silica reaction : D. Rothstein, C. Qiao, G. Green
10:00 AM
coffee breakcoffee break
10:20 AM
Concrete admixtures
Predicting the efficacy of superplasticizers by fluorescence microscopy: J. Arend, A. Wetzel, B. MiddendorfSCMs and alternative binders
C-A-S-H from hydration of limestone calcined clay cements (LC3) observed by different electron microscopy techniques: E. Boehm-Courjault, F. Avet, K. ScrivenerPicnic in the the Port Lands, home to seven concrete ready-mix plants that feed the construction boom in Toronto. Explore the artificial beaches of Tommy Thompson Park, composed of waste concrete, asphalt, brick and tile.
10:40 AM
Microscopic assessment into causes for early age strength gain with various amine-based admixtures in concrete: R. Sibbick, D. SilvaBlended cements: correlation between durability, performances and particle size distribution: A. Lo Presti, D. Salvioni, M. MagistriThe park is an important stopover for migratory birds, and home to the largest cormorant colony in North America, with over 13,000 nesting pairs, as well as hosting more than fifty other breeding species.
11:00 AM
New damage type in high performance SCC: P. Laugesen

Highly effective automated air void analysis – Internal lab procedures to provide and document correct specimen quality and analysis results:
Examination on the mechanical performance of carbonate binders at micro level via combination of nano-indentation and backscattered electronic microscopy: M. Liwu, H. Yuanyuan, D. MinTours of University of Toronto labs will be arranged for those who choose stay back.
11:20 AM
P. Laugesen

ASTM C457 Procedures A, B and C – a CN Tower extravaganza: M. Walsh, K. Peterson
Effect of dolomite powder on the hydration and properties of calcium sulfoaluminate cements with different gypsum contents: J. Xu, D. Lu, Z. Xu, R.D. Hooton
11:40 AM
Measuring the adsorption of superplasticizers on clinker phases in a combined SEM-CLMS study: A. Wetzel, J. Arend, B. MinddendorfCharacterization of carbonated calcium silicate cement-based concrete: S. Sahu, M. Beyene, R. Meininger
noonLunch, Jackman Law Atrium, or step outside into the Philosopher's Walk
Lunch, Jackman Law Atrium, or step outside into the Philosopher's Walk
Lunch, for those who chose to stay back at University of Toronto will be available on the 8th floor balcony of the Myhal Centre
1:20 PM
Clinker and sulfate resistance
Possible effects of aluminium rich particles on the microstructure of Portland cement clinker: M. Böhm, R. Pierkas, A. Knöpfelmacher, K. LipusForensic studies
Microscopy as a tool to investigate low strength concrete in new slip-form pavement: M. Beyene, R. Meininger
1:40 PM
Periclase, and the Autoclave who cried “Wolf!” —Determining the Influence of the ASTM C151 Cement Autoclave Expansion Test on the Volume Stability of Concrete,: H. Kabir, R.D. Hooton, N. PopoffInvestigating the causes of deterioration in concrete blocks in Southern Ireland: M. Eden, S. Vickery
2:00 PM
Influences of the oxyfuel cooling medium on mineralogy and microstructure of Portland cement clinker: M. Böhm, M.L. LinoMicrostructural Differences and Related Surface Durability of Exterior Concrete Slabs as a Result of Finishing Techniques and Timing: M. Baker, A. SnyderThe Port Lands excursion returns to Myhal Centre, if weather is bad, we will eat lunch on the 8th floor balcony.
2:20 PM
Microstructure of alkali-activated fly ash and slag concrete exposed to different sulfate resistance testing methodologies: A. Dehghan, K. Peterson
Re-curing of calcium aluminate cements post contact with molten slag: F.F. de Mendonca Filho, O. ÇopurogluTours of University of Toronto labs will be available for those interested.
2:40 PM
Testing sulfate resistance of concrete - limitations of acceleration: A. Leeman, R. Loser, F. Winnefeld, S. CuchetPetrographic Examination of Fire Damaged Concrete: D. Cong
3:00 PM
coffee breakcoffee break
3:20 PM
Fibre reinforcement and other concrete additives
Petrographic Examination and SEM/EDX Analysis of Ultra-High Performance Concrete: L.J. Powers, J.M. FerraroPotpourri

An upscaling method for predicting the behavior of concrete structures under brine attack: G.L. Sherzer, K. Kovler, G. Ye, E. Schlangen, E. Gal
3:40 PM
The use of image processing techniques in evaluating fibre dispersion quality in carbon fibre cementitious sensors : N. Heirani, A.A. Abouhussien, F. AzhariDeterioration of r-MgO-PC under sulfate exposure: R. Zhang
Concrete deformulation: contribution of electron microscopy techniques and image analysis: S. Meulenyzer
4:00 PM
Microstructure and mechanical properties of basalt fibre reinforced concrete: J. Branston, E. Booya, K. Gorospe, A. Adesina, S. Das, D. LawnMapping fracture networks at the micro-scale in concrete weight coatings for pipelines : J. Hu, Y. Qiu, E. Ossetchkina, S. Shah, K. Peterson, G. Grasselli
4:20 PM
Microscopic and durability properties of modified pulp fibre reinforced cementitious composites: E. Booya, K. Gorospe, A. Adesina, S. DasThe application and use of petrography in the assessment of potential aggregate sources at mine projects: F. Shrimer
4:40 PM
Thin section microscopy and DVS study to determine the influence of graphene materials on the microstructure of cement based composite: T.S. Qureshi, D. Panesar, K. PetersonDetermining the w/c ratio in hardened concrete: an inter-laboratory trial: R. Fox, A. B. Poole, R. Barnes, H. Wong, M. Eden, J. Ferrari
eveningReception, Duke of York, 4:00 - 7:00 PM
Reception, Royal Ontario Museum, Teck Suite of Galleries: Earth's Treasures
Featuring minerals of interest in cement and concrete research, courtesy of Dr. Kim Tait, Curator of Mineralogy, 6:00 - 8:30 PM
Dinner, Hart House Gallery Grill, 7:00 - 10:00 PM


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