Brent Sleep


Professors Brent Sleep conducts hybrid research with laboratory experimentation, field studies and computer modelling to determine the fate and transport of organic chemicals in the subsurface and surface aquatic environments.

More specifically, Professor Brent Sleep’s research is dedicated to developing innovative methods for remediation of soil and groundwater contamination, with a focus on organic contaminants. His research group is working on a variety of in-situ subsurface remediation methods, conducting laboratory and computer modelling studies of bioremediation, thermal remediation, and the applications of chemical oxidants and nanoscale zero valent iron for subsurface remediation. His group is also investigating the transport of pathogens in fractured rock aquifers.

Education and Designations

B.A.Sc. (Waterloo)
M.A.Sc. (Waterloo)
Ph.D. (Waterloo)


Research Interests

Biological and geochemical processes in soils

Computational methods for modelling environmental processes

Waste disposal and groundwater pollution modelling and remediation

Multiphase flow and transport in soils

Saturated and unsaturated groundwater flow modelling



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CIV201HFall Scheduled by the Office of the Faculty Registrar.

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Brent Sleep
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